9 women die of cervical cancer in Kenya every day. We need to change that

Together Women Can builds strong partnerships to provide women access to health tools, sexual health education and treatments to help eradicate cervical cancer while promoting women´s empowerment.

We want to equip women in Kenya with the health tools needed to fight cervical cancer.


Providing sexual health and cervical cancer education and awareness


Raising awareness on HPV vaccination in young girls and boys is crucial


Screening is able to detect early pre-cancerous lesions that are easily treatable


Late stage cancer requires treatment, palliative care and mental support

In Kenya the lives of more than 3000 wives, daughters, mothers and grandmothers are cut short every year by cervical cancer and this number is foreseen to grow by 2025.

Lack of awareness and poor access to cervical cancer screening in rural areas are the biggest challenges to date. Only 3% of women in Kenya take part in cervical cancer screening. For their sisters in wealthier countries this number is 70%. Why this huge inequality? Fear, economic uncertainty, stigma and misinformation in the society may hinder access to services and treatments, even when they are available.

But we also have good news! Eradicating this disease within our lifetime is possible. Lets work together now to save the lives of thousands of women tomorrow.

We ensure women have the support they need through the cervical cancer prevention journey.

The journey starts by educating Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) on sexual health and cervical cancer. With our work we enable CHVs to raise awareness about cervical cancer prevention and treatment among families in the rural communities in western Kenya.

Our theory of change
An informed mindset shift

Thousands of lives will be saved when women and their families understand the importance of disease prevention within the social and economic context they live in. With sexual health education, cervical cancer awareness and access to healthcare, we empower women to take their health in their own hands and to take informed decisions about their wellbeing in the future.


We listen to the needs of local women and their families. We work with them to bring solutions that they can identify with. We trigger a health-seeking behaviour and economic empowerment in rural communities that will allow for sustainable solutions while contributing to an ecosystem of change.


We envisage a world with equal access to quality health education and to affordable and sustainable healthcare. This will eradicate curable and manageable diseases and create a positive impact on the lives of many families in the rural communities of western Kenya.

Our work supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 3, 4, 5 and 17. With our holistic approach we build an ecosystem of change by working closely with our partners and improving women’s health. In turn this creates a positive impact on the social and economic status of women in Kenya.

We are proud of supporting and contributing to the global call for action by WHO to meet the proposed cervical cancer prevention goals by 2030.
Now is the time to act in unison around the world!

Our strength lies in the strong partnerships which we have already created and which we will create.

We bridge the gap between business and social sector by engaging with NGOs, social entrepreneurs, pharmaceutical industries, universities, health organizations and governments.

We are an energetic team with different professional backgrounds but united by passion and determination to make healthcare accessible to the most vulnerable communities.

Note from the co-founder

Valeria Santoro, PhD

Co-Founder and Director

Hrvoje Cvija, PhD

Co-Founder and CFO

Bianca De Leo, PhD

Reproductive Health Consultant Volunteer

Anna Bachmayr-Heyda, PhD



Together Women Can is a non-profit organisation registered in Vienna, Austria (ZVR-Zahl 1080626534) and a social intrapreneurship initiative at Boehringer Ingelheim. Every contribution has a real impact on the lives of women and families in Kenya. With your help, you actively contribute to cervical cancer eradication and women empowerment by enabling sexual health education, cervical cancer prevention, screening and treatment.

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