Note from the co-founder

In my life as a cancer research scientist, my job is to find novel medications to treat cancer patients so that they might live longer lives. “But,” I asked myself one afternoon, “is that really the best that I can do?” In Austria, where I live and work, I have regular access to a screening service so that my chances of developing cervical cancer are very low. Meanwhile women in countries with less access to healthcare services are still dying in high numbers. This is not right.

What about those patients that cannot easily access these life-saving prevention measures and medications? During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, I redefined my purpose to use my education in cancer biology, my empathy and networking skills, and my resilience and passion to rethink cervical cancer prevention in vulnerable women.

No one should die from a disease when the health tools to prevent it exist. I have taken a personal stand against this global inequality in health and, with a wonderful team of supporters, founded ´Together Women Can´. We believe that together we can save the lives of many women in rural Kenya because ours is not a solo mission. Together we can achieve the eradication of cervical cancer. We hope you will join us in providing life-saving cervical cancer prevention tools, sexual health education and treatments to women.

Yours truly,

Valeria Santoro